Plug for Minecraft PE

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FULLY compatible with MCPE 0.13.0!!
A World first! Commands for Minecraft PE just like the PC version!! (give etc) AND Online Multiplayer with full Grief Protection! (Prevent TNT etc)
- Full ONLINE MULTIPLAYER (including BlueTooth) - connect in seconds, not minutes like other apps (just check our reviews).
- Voice Chat - free voice chat while you are playing. Full set of commands to control who can chat.
- Now you can use commands like ‘give’ to get ANY item (including enchanted items ) in minecraft and lots more in your OWN Minecraft PE Game :) - Add ANY enchantment to ANY item!
- Use the .xp command to gain experience/level up.
- Post your server online WITH grief protection! (Prevent use of TNT etc, or even breaking or placing blocks!) - private AND public servers supported.
- Play with your friends over BlueTooth when a WiFi connection isn't available.
- Play multiplayer online on hundreds of Pocketmine servers AND thousands of servers hosted by users just like you :)
- Make friends, and invite them to play with you.
Plug for Minecraft PE plugs into Minecraft PE to give you ‘Bukkit’ style commands in your game. Plug works in both single AND multiplayer games, so both you as the owner of the world, and players who connect are able to use the commands available.
Plug for Minecraft PE also adds full ONLINE multiplayer to Minecraft PE. Now you can play with friends located anywhere in the world AND voice chat with them while you play!

All commands are controlled from inside Minecraft PE chat, just like Plugins on the PC version of Minecraft.
Now you can use commands like ‘give’ to give yourself items in survival mode, and even give enchanted items. For example .g diamondsword,power:50 would give you a diamond sword with a power enchantment level of 50 - a level you couldn't ordinarily get in Minecraft :)
Or try .g diamondsword:all,255 to get ALL enchantments level 255!!
In this version we’ve added lots of commands you normally only see in the PC version of the game.
Plug is very easy to use, all you have to do is open Minecraft PE and start a world. Once in the game use commands by typing them directly into the chat. For example to show help: .h
Plug is a world first and no other App exists like it on the App Store. We are constantly developing it and hope to implement every PC plugin possible eventually!
[NOTE: This application requires you to have either the free or paid version of Minecraft PE and will not work without it]
Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game MineCraft or affiliated with the game or its creators in anyway.

秘密の電卓 Pro - 写真とビデオを隠します

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秘密の電卓 Pro は、機能する電卓の後ろに写真とビデオを隠します。
普通の電卓にしか見えないアプリです。 秘密の写真・映像にアクセスするパスワードを入力可能だなんて誰にもわかりません!
• 個別のアプリアイコン
• 完全電卓機能
• アプリ内から個人的な写真/動画を撮影できます!
• iPhone/iPodのコンテンツをインポートできます
• コンテンツをiPhone/iPodにエキスポートできます(ロックインせずに)
• 電子メールやMMSでデータを共有できます
iTunes Syncでアップグレードの場合、本アプリを必ずバックアップしてください。

グリム・ファサード:芸術家と裏切り者 - アイテム探し、ミステリー、パズル、謎解き、アドベンチャー (Full)

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• 抵抗勢力の組織は 偉大な魔術師に勝てるか?
• 手ごわい魔術師と その手下の正体は?
• ダ・ヴィンチの発明品や 芸術作品を救え
• ボーナス章で新たな謎を解こう
*** ビッグフィッシュでさらなる発見!***
完全に無料の Big Fish ゲームのアプリで全ゲームのカタログにアクセス!:http://bigfi.sh/BigFishGamesApp
ビッグフィッシュは楽しいカジュアルゲームを提供するグローバルなマーケットプレイスです。弊社のゲームはPC、モバイルフォン、タブレットなど様々なデバイスに対応しており、幅広いゲームセレクションをご用意しています。 詳しくはbigfishgames.jpで!
Facebook でチェック:http://www.facebook.com/BigFishGames
Twitter でフォロー:http://bigfi.sh/BigFishTwitter

Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Have you ever wanted to play with the Lucky Block mod on your Minecraft PE game? Well now you can! This app offers a step by step guide on how to install the mod, prefect for beginners or experts. Will you get lucky and gain access to tons of diamonds, or be unlucky and trapped in a lava box! You can only find out with this app!
What are you waiting for?! Download this app today while it's on sale!!
**Please note this app requires a PC or Mac and a working internet connection.**

Tiny Builders: 子供用パワーショベル、クレーン&ダンプ!

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建設現場や機械が好き? この建設現場では、あなたの手でクレーンやパワーショベル、ブルドーザー、ホイールローダー、トンネルドリルといった多数のマシンを操れます。しかも、この小さな「ビルダー」たちをカスタマイズして、それぞれをあなただけの見た目にすることができます!
> どのマシンも自由に遊ぶことができ、好きに動かしたり操作したりできます。
1. クレーンで自分だけの高層ビルを建てちゃおう
2. パワーショベルで巨大な穴を掘削しよう
3. 大型ダンプトラックで荷物を載せたり降ろしたり
4. 三種類のマシンを使って、自分の道を作ろう。まずはアスファルトをしいて、次にそれを伸ばして、最後に色をぬっちゃおう
5. 大きな山の中にトンネルを掘ろう
6. ホイールローダーを使って邪魔な大岩をどかしちゃおう
7. 家をお気に入りの色(またはいろんな色を混ぜたもの)で塗装しよう
8. ボーリングマシンを使えばどこででも水を探せるよ
9. 削岩機で地面を砕いちゃおう
10. ダンプで建設現場からガレキを運び出そう
「スタイルパック」 - ビルダーたちの見た目をユニークに:
> ストライプ? それともチェック柄? ビルダーたちの髪や顔、ヘルメット、シャツ、ズボン、靴など、色んな外見にカスタマイズできます。
> 黄色派? 緑派? マシンの色をカンタンに変更可能!
> 金髪? 茶髪? カール? ツインテール? 何でも好きなものにしちゃいましょう!
> 6万5千種類以上ものマシンとビルダーたちの組み合わせが可能です。
> いままでのように、プレイヤーが発見できる無数の小さなストーリーが隠されています:
> 50種類以上のインタラクティブなアニメーション付きの冒険で、どの年齢のプレイヤーも楽しめます:
1. 建築士が設計図を読めるようにお手伝い
2. 自分で掘ったトンネルに列車を通しちゃおう
3. おっと、石工さんがドアをレンガでふさいじゃった… アナタだったらどうする?
4. 鳥がクレーン操縦者を困らせてるとか…
5. ビルダーたちに休憩させてあげよう
6. 屋根の取付作業を手伝ってあげよう
7. ラジオの電源を入れれば、ビルダーたちのおかしなダンスが見られるよ!
> その他数多くの冒険があなたを待っています。発見できるものは沢山あります。さっそく出かけましょう!
> あなたの町の看板を塗っちゃいましょう!
ぜひアナタの声を聞かせてください。私達のアプリについて感じたこと、思ったこと、恥ずかしがらずにお知らせください! 今度見たいものなどは何かありますか? Facebookの「@wonderkind」にて教えてください!

I-Doser Premium

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Used by over 10 million people worldwide, this proven, safe, and scientific method of synchronizing your brainwaves can help you achieve a simulated state. I-Doser products are the only sequences that have over an 80% success rate in peer review studies. Covered by Kotaku, LA Weekly, Vice, OWNI, Wired, CNN, Fox News, NBC, Spike TV, ABC, Bay 9 News and many many more. This is the original and only official source of I-Doser brand simulated experiences. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations out there! We are the REAL DEAL!
20 included doses with OVER 100 highly advanced binaural brainwave sequences available and managed through I-Doser Cloud!
The ONLY binaural simulator to offer integrated ambient soundscape custom tailored to each and every simulation. This is not "white noise," nature sounds, or meditation music. These are powerfully advanced sequences backed by years of research and development.
The ONLY binaural simulator that allows you to SlipStream Doses. You visually design your journey in the easiest way possible. Supports Slide Over (on supported devices) for the most refined dosing experience.
The ONLY binaural simulator to offer real-time tuning. Fine tune your experience on the fly for the best results possible! For those DIY or How-To people, this can help you refine an experience.
The ONLY binaural simulator to offer integrated powerful voice-guided methods to guarantee success! We put as much research and development into our methods as we do our sequences. Try the Experience Method for great results.
Supports Apple Watch for control over the doses. See where you are in the SlipStream with just a glance! Know when the next dose is arriving and see how much time is left in your journey.
I-Doser is the only on-the-go mobile brainwave modification tool based on proven and effective sequencing. All you need is a good quality pair of headphones.
Rule #1: Results start with quality. Go with a trusted source!


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