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G Deck available now to play with!! (English and German translations available for this deck at this time)
Winner of the 2013 Board Game of the Year from Pocket Tactics!
Europe is recovering from some hard times. You and a spouse must grow your 2-room hut and empty farmyard into a productive farm. You must sow and reap, raise animals and expand your family in order to thrive. Europe in the 17th century: a tough time to be a farmer!
Agricola is a family-friendly strategy game. Simple to understand and great fun, Agricola lets everyone play to the end in a race to see who can build the most productive farm.
Easy To Play
Agricola is a turn-based game, played in six Stages and 14 Rounds. On a turn, players place a family member token on a location in town in order to collect resources or to take actions to improve their farm. They can get building materials such as Wood and Clay, plow fields and sow crops, or build fences to keep animals. New actions become available at the start each round and resources get replenished on any taken in the previous round.
At harvest crops are reaped, newborn animals arrive and you must feed your family. Growing your family gives you more actions but means you have more mouths to feed!
The player with the most productive and advanced farm at the end of 14 rounds is the winner. Victory points are awarded for the number of fields and pastures you have, as well as for crops and animals. Additional points are awarded for extension and renovation of the family’s home, for the number of family members, and for played Occupation and Improvement cards. Players lose one point for each unused farmyard space.
An award-winning board game and player favorite since 2007, Agricola is now available as a universal game application.
Brought to you by Playdek, Agricola establishes a new benchmark for iPad board gaming.
•4 Game play modes: Family Game; Basic Game; Solo Play; Solo Series
•1-5 players
•Included AI opponents
•Pass-and-play multiplayer (2-5 players)
•Asynchronous or real-time online play (2-5 players)
•Universal game application – buy once and play on all your devices
•Game Center Achievements
•Selectable Online game clocks
•Rematch button for online and offline matches
•“Next Game” button takes you to your next asynchronous online game
•Player Rankings
•Multiple Player Profiles (for households)
•Select your Family Token art for your profile
•Game tutorials for interface, game play and strategy
•Rule Book and Card Gallery to review game text and effects
•Options for Music and SFX, game speed and animation speed, and confirmation pop-ups
•Game overview, turn log and game event calendar to support asynchronous play
•Retina support
•iPhone / iPod 5 screen support
•Localizations: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese
From Playdek, the award-winning publisher and developer:
•D&D Lords of Waterdeep - 5 stars on PocketTactics & AppAddicts!!
•Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (Golden Geek, 2011 – Boardgamegeek.com)
•Summoner Wars (Golden Geek, 2012 – Boardgamegeek.com; Game of the Year 2012, Pockettactics.com; Game of the Year, Board/Card, 2012 - Gamezebo)
•Tanto Cuore
•Penny Arcade the Game: Gamers vs Evil
•Can’t Stop
•Food Fight iOS

ProTube for YouTube

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ProTube is on sale until Sunday! Now is the time to get ProTube for 33% less!
• 1080p video playback.
• 256kbps audio playback.
• No ads!
• Watch videos that are blocked on mobile devices.
• Sleek, modern and intuitive design.
ProTube is the ultimate, fully featured YouTube app. With its highly polished design, ProTube offers ad-free video with selectable playback quality, audio only playback, background playback and adjustable playback speed. You can even manage videos in playlists without signing in with a YouTube account!
With its unique audio playback mode, ProTube is the perfect audio player: Stream high quality (256kbps) audio, create playlists for songs and use ProTube as your music player! The audio playback mode uses less bandwidth than video playback and delivers higher quality audio than HD video playback.
ProTube is the only 3rd party YouTube app that can show new uploads from your subscriptions!
Key Features:
• Video playback in many qualities, from 144p up to 1080p HD.
• No advertisements or annoying pop ups!
• Audio only playback in stunning 256kbps quality and low bandwidth usage.
• You can sign in with your YouTube account to view and manage your uploads, playlists and subscriptions.
• Watch videos that are blocked on mobile devices!
• Discover videos, playlists and channels with the powerful search engine.
• Rate and share videos and add them to playlists even without a YouTube account.
• Play entire playlists with shuffle and repeat options.
• Adjust the playback speed, to view certain moments in slow motion or fast forward.
• View top comments, recent comments, ratings and post your own comments.
• Mirror videos to your TV with Apple TV or Chromecast.
• Customize your experience by choosing your preferred homepage, default playback quality, autoplay setting and more.
• Share videos, playlists and channels with your friends.
• Video and audio playback can be minimized, allowing to browse inside the app while playback continues.
• Split screen and picture in picture support.
• 3D touch, peek and pop integration.
• Full Voice Over support.
• Much more!
Following the success of version 1 of ProTube, version 2 of ProTube is now available on the App Store and it is better than ever. ProTube is developed by a frequent YouTube user and is made to deliver the best YouTube experience you can have.
ProTube is a high quality app, made in Germany!

Toca Hair Salon Me

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人気絶頂のToca Hair Salonシリーズのニューバージョンでは、新しいキャラクターと一緒にヘアースタイルングをもっと楽しんでいただけます!
Toca Hair Salon Meでは、あなたはお客様にも、ヘアスタイリストにもなれます!カール、ストレート、それともパープルにカラーリング? 思いっきりファンキーなヘアスタイルにしてみては。ロングヘアそれともショートカット?片方を刈り上げたり、虹色に染めたりするのもいいですね。どんなヘアスタイルもできます!
Toca Hair Salon Meの新しい機能を試してみよう!
- 友達の写真を撮って、新しいヘアスタイルに挑戦しよう
- ひげ、帽子などおもしろいアクセサリーのバリエーションが豊富に
- ヘアカラーのバリエーションも豊富に
- 自分が撮った写真でも背景を作れる
- G.R.O. を使用して短くなった髪を元に戻す
- シャンプー、リンス、ブロー
- 道具を使ってパーマ、ストレート、カール、刈り上げ、整髪する
- ヘアスタイルを整えているときにキャラクターたちが面白い顔になったり、面白い声を出したりする
- ルールもストレスもない - あなたの好きなように遊べる!
- 子供にやさしいインターフェース
- 第三者広告を表示しない
- アプリ内課金もない
Toca Bocaについて
Toca Bocaは、お子様向けのデジタルトーイを作成しているゲーム会社です。私たちは、世の中のことを知るには、楽しく遊びながら学ぶことが最高の方法だと考えます。このような理由から、私たちは、お子様と一緒に楽しみながら想像力を刺激するデジタルトーイやゲームを作り続けています。そしてなにより-第三者広告やアプリ内課金を使用しない安全なゲームを作っています。
弊社はプライバシーを重視しております。弊社のプライバシーに関する方針については、弊社プライバシーポリシーをご参照ください: http://tocaboca.com/privacy

ColorBar for iOS 8 - 壁紙の上にドックとステータスバーの色をカスタマイズします。

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1. アルバムで壁紙を選択します。
2. RGBカラーを調整し、アルファ値を適用します。
3. ブラー効果も適用しましょう。
4. ステータスバーとドックの色を指定し、壁紙を保存!ホーム画面に適用します。終わり〜!
Support for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
Please note:
This app doesn’t change the color of status bar or dock.
This app works by adding a colored "top bar or dock” of your choice to your devices wallpaper.


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¥1,900 ¥2,000