Deus Ex GO

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*** 期間限定セール 60%オフ! ***
"大人気アプリ「HITMAN GO」「LARA CROFT GO」の制作者が贈る新感覚パズルゲーム
「Deus Ex GO」は、「Deus Ex」シリーズの世界観で繰り広げられるターン制潜入パズルゲームです。プレイヤーは潜入エージェント、アダム・ジェンセンとして、ハッキング、コンバット、オーグメンテーションを駆使し、GOシリーズの中で最も難解なパズルを解きながら、テロ攻撃の裏に潜む陰謀を暴いていきます。
• 手応えたっぷり、50以上の難解ステージ
• 毎週配信される新ステージが遊べるウィークリー・イベント
• 警備員、タレット、ドローンなど、個性溢れる敵を打ち負かせ!
• ハッキングを駆使して、形勢を有利に運ぼう!
• アダム・ジェンセンの特殊能力、オーグメンテーションで敵を圧倒!
• 魅力的なキャラクターたちによって語られる重厚なストーリー
「Hitman GO」、そしてApple iPhone ゲーム・オブ・ザ・イヤー 2015受賞作品「Lara Croft GO」に続く人気シリーズの新作!Square Enix Montrealが贈る、サイバーパンクの世界観をユニークに描いた「Deus Ex GO」ワールドに飛び込もう。
Deus Ex GOはiPhone 4には対応していません。

AG Drive




AG Drive is a futuristic racing game in which you race blazing fast anti-gravity craft against opponents on spectacular tracks. Amazing graphics, great controls, and plenty of game modes and races combine to create a unique racing experience.
Universal Purchase. Buy it once and play on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (progress not shared between iOS and Apple TV).
Ranked #1 racing game in 100 countries, #1 game in 38 countries and in the top 10 games in 101 countries.
Apple Editors' Choice worldwide.
On Apple App Store's Best of 2015 list.
On Touch Arcade's Best iOS games of 2015 list.
Small Screen Game of the Year 2015 in Finland.
Nominated for a Nordic Game Award 2016 in the Best Fun for Everyone category.
Among Metacritic's top 25 best-reviewed iOS games of the year 2015 with a metascore of 87.
Touch Arcade - 4.5/5 stars:
"AG Drive is absolutely gorgeous & the epitome of a "good" game"
Pocket Gamer - 9/10 and PG Gold award, Very Big Indie Pitch winner:
"This is a razor fast, brilliant futuristic racer, and you should almost certainly go and buy it right this second"
Gamezebo - 4.5/5 stars:
"For those of you who enjoy racing games, I can’t recommend AG Drive enough to you"
AppSpy - 5/5 stars:
"A brash and brilliant futuristic arcade racer, AG Drive is everything you hoped it would be"
Apple'n Apps - 4.5/5 stars:
"As good as the game looks and handles, it plays even better. AG Drive is fun above all else"
App Advice - 4/5 stars:
"The futuristic world and tracks look stunning, the controls are intuitive, and there is a lot of content to go through"
The boldest futuristic racer ever made is here!
An epic vision of the future, AG Drive takes you on the ride of your life as you drive blazing fast anti-gravity race craft and race against opponents on spectacular tracks that dive over and under an Earth city of the future.
- Main Events and Quick Events: Play AG Drive as you wish - Quick or Big!
- Enjoy different modes of play such as Single Race, Time Trial, Elimination, Cup, Speed Record, Duel, etc.
- Multiple tracks with different settings: sunny, sunset, night, etc.
- Ships with different skills - can you master them all!
The world of AG Drive is real and full of life - witness huge futuristic highway systems come to life, with air traffic filling the skies as spaceships land and take off, and spotlights sweep the skies. The stunning, unparalleled visuals of the world of AG Drive were possible to be realized only because of the ZORG 3D engine.
The game's mind-blowing original soundtrack is something never done before - an unprecedented collaboration between some of the biggest, most talented musicians spearheaded by none other than Ari Pulkkinen ("Aritunes" - soundtracks for Angry Birds, Resogun, Trine 1 & 2, Outland, etc.).
Born out of love for games like Wipeout and F-Zero, AG Drive has been a long time in the making, and is now ready to show you the future. AG Drive is a showcase to the world for what can be achieved when you combine true vision and passion with cutting-edge technological prowess.
AG Drive trailer
Get AG Drive's awesome Soundtrack here:
The Intro Sequence And Title Theme on YouTube:
The App Preview Video on YouTube:
Listen to our awesome Soundtrack on YouTube:
Please note that due to the very graphical nature of this game its performance on iPhone 4 may be severely reduced. We do not recommend you purchase AG Drive if you are using iPhone 4 only.


¥1,500 ¥900



¥1,500 ¥900


ストリート・オブ・ファイヤー (字幕版)

¥1,500 ¥700


ミッション:インポッシブル/ゴースト・プロトコル (字幕版)

¥1,500 ¥900

計画も、サポートも、選択も、ない。ロシアのクレムリンが爆破されIMFはその犯行に関与したとみなされる。 容疑を晴らすべくエージェントのイーサン・ハント(トム・クルーズ)と彼のチーム(「アベンジャーズ」のジェレミー・レナー、「スター・トレック」のサイモン・ペッグ)は密かに行動を開始。彼らが突き止めたのは核戦争をめぐる陰謀だった。世界を救うべく、ありとあらゆるハイテク機器を駆使し、最高に縦横で危険なミッションに命がけで挑む!

ピッチ・パーフェクト2 (字幕版)

¥2,500 ¥2,000


エクスペンダブルズ3 ワールドミッション(字幕版)

¥2,500 ¥900


ハンガー・ゲーム FINAL:レボリューション(字幕版)

¥2,500 ¥2,000



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