Call of Duty®: Strike Team

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**NOT compatible with iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPhone 3GS**
*For the optimal experience we recommend rebooting your device before you play this app for the first time*

Press Reviews:
-APPLE: Editor's Choice Best of 2013 Blockbuster Games
-MODOJO: "Excellent graphics in both strategic and first-person views…"
-YAHOO GAMES: One of "10 games fit for your iPhone 5S"
-SLIDE TO PLAY: "Game of the Month, September 2013"
Call of Duty®: Strike Team delivers an all-new, first-person and third-person Call of Duty® experience built from the ground up for mobile and tablet devices. Fully customize your squad’s loadouts and abilities before leading them into combat in diverse gameplay environments. Call of Duty®: Strike Team features the revolutionary ability to dynamically switch from run-and-gun first-person view to reconnaissance and coordinated squad attacks in third-person view.
The year is 2020. Tensions run high amongst the world’s superpowers. In a surprise attack, the U.S. finds themselves in a war with an unknown enemy. Your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to hunt down those responsible.
Play your way. Switch between first-person and third-person action at almost any time. Strategically customize the members of your squad with weapons, perks or body armor.
CAMPAIGN MODE: Experience an immersive single-player campaign full of epic, cinematic moments in diverse locations around the world.
SURVIVAL MODE: Put your skills to the test as you fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Compete against family, friends and the Call of Duty®: Strike Team community for leaderboard domination.
© 2013 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading, installing or using this App, you agree to Activision's privacy policy, as may be updated by Activision from time to time. Please visit http://www.activision.com/privacy/en/privacy.html to view Activision's privacy policy.
*** NOTE: Call of Duty®: Strike Team is ONLY compatible with and optimized for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation). Requires iOS 6.0 or later.***
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Visionn - リアルタイムアーティスティックフォト & ビデオエフェクト

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まもなく皆様のお気に入りアプリになる新しい写真・動画アプリをご紹介します。名前はVisionnで、リアルタイムで写真や動画をアニメ化する革命的な新アプリです。Visionnがあれば、グラフィックノベルのような漫画スタイル、自社製Cartoonizer®、スケッチ、油絵をはじめとする独自の芸術的なエフェクト10種類を手にすることができます!Visionnの一番良い点は、データ通信やWiFiなしでエフェクトをリアルタイムでプレビュー・適用できる点です。 そうです、間違いありません、「リアルタイム」です!なので、首を長くして最終結果を待つ必要はなく、カメラロールから写真や動画のエフェクトを即プレビューできてしまいます。つまり、素早いという訳です。スピードは驚異的です。
では、内容のまとめです。Visionn でできることは…
- エフェクトを即追加。撮影最中にリアルタイムで写真や動画に芸術的なエフェクトを施してアニメ化します。
- BeFunky's Patented Art Engineで作成された10種類の芸術的な独自のフィルタの中から選択可能。
- カメラロールから素早く簡単にメディアをアニメ化。
- データ通信やWiFi接続がなくても全エフェクトが使用可能。
- 今まで撮った中で最高にユニークな写真や動画が完成!
Visionnは 2500万人を超えるユーザーが現在楽しんでいるBeFunky Photo Editor & Collage Makerの制作チームがお届けするアプリ!

Perchang - パズルボール




「Perchang: ブラック」: 24もの重力に逆らう新たなレベルがキミを待つ。単体として購入可能
「退屈な瞬間というものがない」5つ星 - App Advice
"マジでゴージャスなゲーム" Touch Arcade
"美しく、驚くほどうまくデザインされたパズルゲーム" 148Apps

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

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The Call of Duty®: Zombies phenomenon has risen back to life.
Adapted from the best-selling console hit and built specifically for tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty®: Black Ops Zombies delivers maps and weapons never before seen on mobile, and 50 levels of "Dead-Ops Arcade," a 50-level zombie gauntlet that provides the ultimate undead challenge for fans of Call of Duty’s signature zombie warfare.
Play solo or join a team of up to 4 players as you mow down hordes of zombies with Call of Duty’s all-new interface, now featuring Voice Chat for the first time ever.
And don’t just take our word for it; here is what critics think of the game:
- "Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is a must-have for any Call of Duty fan and for everyday gamers alike." – Mashable.com
- "...after spending some time with COD: Black Ops Zombies, we think this could possibly be the best game we’ve seen yet on the Apple tablet." – Into Mobile
- "As far as the whole package is concerned, I adore the Dead Ops Arcade mode and feel it adds significant value to the $6.99 price tag" – Destructoid
- "Dead Ops…a perfect fit for the mobile platform." – G4 TV online
What's New in Version 1.3.2
o Multiplayer connection improvements
o Bug fixes
Finally, a variety of optimizations and fixes have also been incorporated into this update to give players the best mobile Zombie experience yet.
For tips, tricks, and troubleshooting, be sure to check out the Black Ops Zombies Field Manual at www.callofduty.com/blackops/faq/ioszombies
The game has been optimized for 3rd-generation devices and higher, providing unparalleled graphics and performance. As an iOS Universal App, the game operates the same whether played on iPhone, iPod, or iPad, meaning a zombie’s brain will splatter just as vividly on your iPhone 4 Retina Display as on your iPad 2. The game also supports Game Center leaderboards so you can compete with your friends.
Need more undead? Download Call of Duty: Zombies, the original mobile zombie warfare experience available on both iPhone and iPad. And don’t forget to download the Call of Duty: ELITE Mobile App for an inside-edge on your console Call of Duty Multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty: Zombies

¥600 ¥240



Four Massive Zombie Maps. One Great New Price. Now includes the ALL-NEW fan favorite, Der Riese, the largest, most feature-rich Zombie map to date. This is the ultimate Co-op experience for the iPhone/iPod Touch!
“Der Riese” (Zombie Factory) features:
•The all-new Pack A Punch Machine allows you to upgrade ANY of your weapons: Increased Firepower, More Ammo, and a new Metal Finish.
•New Teleporters allow you and your team to zip around this enormous map and evade the oncoming Zombie Horde.
•The Bowie Knife allows to you take down higher level zombies in one quick blow.
•Favorites such as the Hell Hounds, the Wunderwaffe lightning gun, and the Perks-a-Cola Machines return.
•The online 4-player co-op action you've come to expect returns with even more intensity.
“Shi No Numa” (Zombie Swamp) features:
•Shi No Numa is a hauntingly beautiful environment filled with terrifying zombies, weapons, and zombie traps.
•New weapons featuring the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Fry hordes of zombies with a single blast from this shockingly powerful new weapon.
•Survive the Hellhounds! Ferocious and fast, the Hellhounds will test your reflexes and your team's ability to work together.
•New playable characters! Play as Tank Dempsey (US), Takeo Masaki (Japan), Nikolai Belinski (USSR), and the infamous Dr. Richtofen (Germany).
•New Zombie traps including the Flogger for massive Zombie destruction and the Zipline for quick getaways.
Call of Duty: Zombies also includes:
•“Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum): Dare to enter the insane asylum and fend off the Zombie onslaught alone or with friends. Use electric traps to keep the zombies at bay.
•“Nacht der Untoten”: The original zombie map returns in all its glory. Fight to survive in the abandoned bunker that started the zombie phenomenon.
About Call of Duty: Zombies:
Call of Duty: Zombies brings the classic Call of Duty: World at War zombie-slaying game mode to the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch. Featuring ALL 4 Zombie maps, you’ll need to bring along your friends to help push back the endless waves of attacking zombies!
Highlights include:
- Call of Duty: Zombies for the iPhone™ supports up to four players via Wi-Fi/Internet and two players via Bluetooth. Play with your friends in the same room, on the other side of town, and even across the globe. With the option of either private or open matchmaking, where there’s a Wi-Fi connection, there’s a friend to go Zombie-hunting with.*
- This is the Zombie experience from Call of Duty: World at War. All 4 Zombie maps have been fully realized on the iPhone™ in a silky smooth 3D environment, along with the return of your favorite guns and killer power ups.
- Three different control schemes are available to suit your style. Take advantage of the iPhone’s unique tilt capabilities or, for Zombie vets, use the virtual analog sticks to fend off the undead.
- Call of Duty: Zombies features a massive list of unique Achievements.
- Leaderboard support awards the best of the best, accessed directly through your iPhone™ or iPod® Touch. Become the top zombie slayer and prove your standings to the world!
So snap to attention, pick up Call of Duty: Zombies, and start fending off the zombie horde!
*Wi-Fi support only at this time, play unavailable on cellular networks.
Note: Call of Duty: Zombies is best played on a 2nd generation iPod® Touch or higher with the latest firmware installed.

Table Tennis Touch

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**66% SALE!** "モバイルで遊べる最高に面白い卓球ゲーム - Pocket Gamer 9/10
『Table Tennis Touch』は美麗なグラフィック、直感的なスワイプ操作、ハイスピードで展開されるリアルな卓球プレイ、様々なゲームモードが用意された、卓球好きも唸らせる世界No.1の本格卓球ゲームです。
• キャリア - トーナメント戦、リーグ戦、スペシャルイベントが満載のキャリアモードでトッププレイヤーを目指せ。
• 楽しいミニゲーム -「ハーフテーブル」、「ピン」、「ゾーン」といった13種類のユニークな卓球チャレンジ。
• ネット対戦 - ローカルとオンラインでリアルタイムに対戦できる。
• カスタマイズ - 卓球ラケットをアンロックし、30種類以上のデザインで自分好みにカスタマイズ可能。
• リアルな挙動 - 美しい試合会場、リアルな物理演算と洗練されたAIプレイヤー。
iPad 1、iPhone 4、iPod touch(第4世代)は動作対象外となります。

アバウト・タイム ~愛おしい時間について~ About Time (字幕版)

¥1,500 ¥700


アウトロー (字幕版)

¥1,500 ¥900

「トム·クルーズが扮するのは元米軍の秘密捜査官、ジャック·リーチャー。全米ベストセラー小説"ジャック·リーチャー"シリーズの主人公だ。 6発の銃弾が発射され、5人が殺害された事件で元米軍スナイパーが逮捕された。証拠が揃えられ自白を強要された彼は黙秘を続け「ジャック·リーチャーを呼べ」と紙に書いて要求する。警察がリーチャーの身元を掴めないなか、突然リーチャーが姿を現す。事件解決に携わってすぐに矛盾点に気が付き始める。リーチャーは己の正義に従い、手順を選ばず、この一見単純に見える完全犯罪の真相をあぶり出していく。」


¥1,500 ¥900


ミッション:インポッシブル/ローグネイション (字幕版)

¥2,000 ¥1,500


リトルプリンス 星の王子さまと私 (吹替版)

¥2,000 ¥900



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